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Asbestos Removal Costs Victoria

Asbestos Removal Licensing Requirements in Victoria are governed by WorkSafe Victoria.

The transport and/or storage of Asbestos in Victoria is governed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Victoria.

As with all Government controlled industry there is a mountain of paperwork to be processed and completed.   The time spent on site, particularly with domestic work,  is often much less than the time spent off site, including transport to a Waste Site.

Some other factors that will affect the price are:

     -     The quantity of asbestos that needs removal

     -     The type of the asbestos material

     -     The condition of the asbestos material

     -     The access to the asbestos – for example is scaffolding, cranes

           or other working with height methods required.

     -     Is Forensic Testing required

Other factors will include the exposure to neighbours and businesses in the immediate vicinity.

Generally some photos sent to us will enable us to give you a price guide over the phone.

Residential Asbestos Removal

Victorian Asbestos Removal, being a division of HomeSmart House Removers Pty Ltd, has the benefit that the Director has had over 40 years experience in both Asbestos Removal and removal of complete homes and demolition and was first licensed as a Builder in 1988.  You are in experienced hands!

If you have just purchased a residential property or perhaps you intend to remove. It would be prudent to have your property inspected for asbestos, whether it be eave linings, under tiles, roofing internal or external wall, or perhaps an out building.

We can also organise re roofing with Colorbond roofing with any colour to suit the architecture of your property.

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