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Common Areas where asbestos is found.

The following is a list of some common areas where asbestos is found somewhere in nearly all homes built pre 1985:

     -     Laundry and toilet walls and ceilings;

     -     Bathroom walls;

     -     Behind floor and wall tiles;

     -     Eaves, fascias, gables;

     -     External cladding;

     -     Garages and Sheds;

     -     Switch Boards;

     -     Fake brick cladding;

     -     Corrugated roofing;

     -     Corrugates fencing;

     -     Old vinyl tiles;

     -     Ceiling tiles;

     -     Storm Water pipes;

Asbestos left undisturbed, for example in the eaves or under and/or behind floor and wall tiles is generally safe.   Other areas like sheds and fences that children may have access to are always best to be removed.  Removal is the safest bet!


Some basic history of asbestos in Australia.

In Australia Asbestos has been used in its various types and forms for all types of Applications, even surprisingly water mains to our homes and factories.  These water mains are still widely in use even as you read this.  It is believed that it is only a threat to your lungs.

The author of this and the Director of the Company used to handle it almost daily in the form of AC Sheet.  His uncle who was the first main established House and Land Package Builder based in the well known Victorian Holiday destination of Inverloch, clad many a home in AC (Asbestos Based) Sheeting.  It was a bit like smoking, we were all kept in the dark as to the dangers.

Progressively stickers were added to these products warning against sawing, sweeping the dust and of course inhalation.

In the meantime industry was forced to find alternatives, this did not happen overnight.  Items like oven door seals and common glass door wood heaters all had asbestos rope door closure seals; car brake pads all used asbestos.

Wittenoom in Western Australia was to many people the only Asbestos Mine that they had heard of, it was not of course the only Asbestos Mine in Australia!  Today all references to the town have been removed from any new maps (it officially no longer exists).  It actually does exist and is still inhabited, just!

The one thing we do know now is that it is extremely dangerous.

Please only remove it by using a Licensed Professional.

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral made up of microscopic fibres. These fibres usually are not visable to the naked eye, but during the manufacturing procedure these fibres end up bundled together spread throughout the product, this makes them identifiable in most cases, particulary when placed under a microscope.

Asbestos Health and Safety Information.

Not everyone exposed to asbestos will develop a disease or cancer related to it's exposure, however it is a known human carcinogen. Generally those that develop an asbestos related disease show no signs of illness for a long time after their initial exposure, it appears that some inodvoidaly are more at risk than others with some individuals develop asbestos related diseases with only brief exposure, it can be taken 10 to 35 years or more for symptoms to appear.

Diseases Include.

Pleural plaque



Pleural mesothelioma

Peritoneal mesothelioma

Pericardial mesothelioma

Lung cancers those exposed to both cigarettes and asbestos are at a much greater risk


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